Important COVID-19 Update

Dear valued patients:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all our lives in unprecedented ways. At Allergy Group NJ, we are committed to your care and safety.

  • Telemedicine visits are now available for our patients as an option to an in-office visit.
  • Face masks are now required for all patients as well as the staff while in our office. We are wiping down the exam rooms after each patient visit.  We are wiping down the common areas (like doorknobs, check out stations) several times a day. In addition, we are making every effort to keep our waiting room empty as possible.
  • We will be screening all patients coming in for appointments by phone prior to your appointment to make sure no one is ill with fever or cough.
  • Allergy shot patients will leave the office immediately after their injection and wait in their car for 20 minutes. We will not be bringing sick patients into the office but will telemedicine visits instead.
  • Oral immunotherapy (OIT) patients will receive their updose, then wait outside the office the usual hour instead of the waiting room.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. For a list of COVID  testing sites in New Jersey, click on this link: COVID Testing Sites in NJ

For information on COVID vaccination sites, click on the link:  Vaccination Sites in NJ