Because of the COVID pandemic, telemedicine video visits with your doctor have been approved by most health insurance companies. You may have been invited to have a telemedicine visit instead of your usual in-office visit.

Preparation for Visit: Make a list of questions you may have before the TM visit starts. Know what medications you are taking. It is may also be helpful to have a relevant medical device on hand for the virtual examination – examples are a pen light or smartphone flashlight for viewing a sore throat, a thermometer if you have a fever, a peak flow meter, or pulse oximetry app if you have asthma. Wear loose clothing that will allow you to show your medical provider what is concerning you or your child.

Computer or phone requirements:

We use a telemedicine program called, which works with your smart phone or any computer with Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers. To see if your device is compatible, you can click on the link below:

Check in process: Have your phone ready or email app ready at least five minutes before your appointment. We will send you a “link” to click on five minute beforehand. This will either be via email or via text message – depending on your previously noted preference. When you click on the link, you will be brought into your doctor’s virtual waiting room and the doctor will be notified of your presence. When the doctor is ready for you, he or she will start the call.

We will try to be on time, but sometimes a previous patient call will last longer than expected. There is an instant message option in the waiting room for you to ask for an update if we a running late. Thank you as always for your patience.
Click on the link below for a video demonstration.

Looking forward to seeing you!